Soap Stone (Price Each Kg)^

Soap Stone (Price Each Kg)^

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^NB: As each stone varies in size and weight, soap stone is not sold in exact KGs.
WHEN PURCHASING ONLINE, it will be sold at the closest weight.... please state your requirements ie. the approximate weight of each stone.

Note prices may vary slightly when your order is being tendered.

This soap-like stone remains hard but easily removed with a chisel. Sold in different weights and colours.

Soapstone, which is also known as steatite is a metamorphic rock having a talc base ("metamorphic" means changing from one type of stone to another through time and pressure). It occurs as a secondary mineral formed as a result of the alteration of olivine, pyroxene,and amphibole. The purest talc is used commercially to make talcum powder. Soapstone can be distinguished by its' ease of carving, soapy feel, and vibrant colour, which is obtained by the associated minerals leaching into the talc.

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