Derwent Inktense Pencils 24pk

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Pencil to ink in just one wash! Permanent when dry – doesn’t washout like watercolour. Layer up intense vibrant colours.
Inktense pencils deliver vibrant and versatile colour. Perfect for a variety of projects, the watersoluble Inktense pencils can be applied wet or dry to a page to achieve different effects.

Pencil provides added control for fine detail. Round 8mm barrel; wide 4mm core.
Ink-like pigments come alive when water is added. Apply dry pencil to wet page or apply wet pencil to dry page.
Colour becomes permanent once dry leaving an ink-like stain. Inktense can be layered and keep colours vivid.
Inktense watersoluble, soft texture pencils are highly blendable
Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including wood and fabric as well as paper.

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Mark Porter


These ink tense pencils are really good to expand the use of ink work, I loved using ink to draw with, but these pencils really help in bringing a certain depth and control to your work!

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