Sennelier Green Oil Med 250ml

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Sennelier’s Green For Oil Liquid Medium can be used to replace universal mediums that contain harmful substances. It is a plant-based alternative that you can use like a classic medium to improve the consistency of your paint and create glazes. It can be used in cold temperatures and speeds up drying time while adding a slight gloss to your work.

Renewably sourced natural materials
Improves paints consistency
Can be used for glazes
Speeds up drying time
Adds a gloss finish to your painting
Available in 100ml or 250ml
Sennelier’s range Green For Oil has been designed to be a safer, greener alternative to traditional solvents with all the ingredients being part of the bio-solvent family. These eco-friendly solvents are created from renewable raw materials that are found naturally. They are sourced, keeping biomass and sanitary and environmental standards in mind, from plant, animal or mineral based materials. The careful science and construction means they work very similarly to their traditional counterparts and produce a synonymous result.

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