Elements Media Box Easel 108pk

Elements Media Box Easel 108pk

SKU: E58255


^Unavailable at present- Due Early December 2020

Elements Complete Mixed Media Box Easel Set
Contains 108 Piece
The Perfect artist collection. contains:

1 x Box Easel with storage compartments and drawers
Paints - 12 x 12ml Oil Tubes, 12 x 12ml Acrylic Tubes, 12 x 12ml Watercolour Tubes
Brushes - 3 x Oil Brushes, 3 x Acrylic Brushes, 3 x Watercolour Brushes
Pastels - 12 x Oil Pastels, 12 x Soft Pastels
Pencils - 12 x Coloured Pencils, 3 x Sketching Pencils
Surfaces - 3 x Canvas Boards, 1 x 25 Sheet x 110gsm Pad
3 x Palette Knives, 1 x Eraser, 1 x Sharpener, 1 x Palette

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