Peeloff Glass Paint 80ml 7pk Set

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Brilliant, transparent and peelable! This is the modern form of glass painting - lead your design onto a leading blank, leave it to dry and fill it in with the glass paint directly from the bottle. After 24 hours, you can peel the design up and press it onto any gloss surface! No glue is required. You can remove and reposition the design whenever you fancy a change!

* 1 each of the six following colours 80ml;-
White, Blue Middle, Green Dark, Red, Apricot and Lemon Yellow.
* 1 outline Black 80ml
* 1 painting tip with closing device and cap - for thinner outline drawing
* 1 painting board DIN A4
* 20 motives for painting
* 1 mix table for another 6 colors

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