Paper Making Starter Kit

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Contents: Wooden A5 mould frame for paper making, 65 g cellulose paper pulp, 4 rags, 5 g lavender potpourri. Instructions are included on the packaging..

Learn how to make handmade paper with this kit. Contains all the materials and instructions you need.

Tear the paper pulp into small pieces and soak in water. Break down the wet pulp in a blender or with a whisk. Pour the pulp mass into a tray or basin with plenty of water, and sprinkle in the lavender flowers. Stir the pulp mass and get it moving around. Lower the wooden frame into the water and pull it up again in a flat position with the water and paper pulp, so that the pulp stays on the frame while the water runs off. Turn the wet, handmade paper out onto the supplied rags and leave the paper to dry. Create other interesting surfaces, expressions and designs by reusing different scraps of waste paper and mixing them with the pulp or by mixing it with glitter, scraps of card etc. Using a single frame allows the user to make paper with rustic/uneven edges..

For many, the process and creativity of papermaking will be enjoyment in itself, without needing to do anything more with the homemade paper afterwards. Of course, you can also use the finished sheets for a wide range of paper crafts and decorations, such as cards, stationery, hole-punched hanging decorations and much more.

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