Magnifing Glass LED Ø90mm

SKU: M02341


Ideal for close-up work with twin bulb LED light and inbuilt rest


• Magnification 2.5x
• Lens Dimension: Diameter 90mm /3½" Approx
• 2 White LED Bulbs – Push switch to turn On/Off
• Soft grip body – Comfortable grip

The fluorescent daylight tubes allow you to view colours accurately anytime day or night, as well as the smaller detail on objects. The tubes provide a consistent shadow free light source, are energy saving and have low heat emission which means that you can work for longer and in comfort. The new LED lamp will give you hours of natural energy efficient light, long reach and the option of extra magnification.

For professional use or the keen hobbist!
Excellent for reading, writing & study, crafting & modelling, sewing & tapestry, jewellery making, electronics and light industrial work, airbrushing, nail art & filling, stamp collecting, painting and even smaller DIY tasks.

Batteries included

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