Daylight Flexi Lamp With Magnifier

SKU: D01762
Brand: Daylight

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A 12w daylight lamp with glass magnifier lens & flexible neck.
12 watt circular energy saving tube
Shadow free light with no heat emission.
Compact, ergonomic design with table base & lens cap.

Quality 100mm (4") lens, 3 dioptre (1.75 x Mag) and suitable for mobile use.


Voltages available: 220v - 240v, 50Hz
Magnifier: 100mm (4") diameter; 3 diptrie lens, Magnification: 1.75x, Sun Protector Cap: Yes

Tube Type: 1x12w circular fluorescent(LC8093/T), Tube Protector Cover: Yes
Cable Length: 1.5m and Table Base: Integral

Quote product reference: D01762


Customer Reviews

Mary Breslin

wonderful lamp

I know this is essentially a crafters lamp, but my uncle has recently found it difficult to read his newspaper, so I bought him this and he thinks it's great, it is large enough to sit on his kitchen table, the magnifier and light are brilliant.

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