Aero Colour Supra White 28ml

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AERO COLOR® Professional is distinguished by its ideal qualities. Schminckes finest air-brush colors have a pleasant odor, are easy to use, resistant and can be used on almost all fat-free surfaces. All colors are ready-to-use and can also be used undiluted due to their very fine pigmentation. If required, they can be diluted with AERO MEDIUM (Art.-No.50 602) or water. All colors come in tough 30 ml pipette jars. Black is also available in plastic 250 ml jars for more frequent use.

Many of the 31 available colors are single-pigment shades that guarantee brilliant mixtures and an unlimited variety of shades.

A large number of the bright colors are glazed or semi-glazed. They can be made opaque by adding a slight quantity of extremely opaque AERO COLOR® Professional color SUPRA-White, opaque (28 101) without being made any brighter or losing their tinting strength.

AERO COLOR® Professional adheres particularly well to all sorts of papers and cardboards as well as the usual, non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics, canvas and - after appropriate preliminary treatment - metal. The colors are easy to mask and excellent for graphic designs and special air-brush techniques. AERO COLOR® Professional dries semi-matt, is water-resistant and is easy to reproduce.

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