Taklon Set 3pk Flats S/G

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Set contains:
1/2", 3/4" and 1" Wash brushes with non slip rubber grips.

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Customer Reviews

Alexandra Kelly

Taklon soft grip set

Love this set, it leaves no dent on my fingers. Soft grip Taklon brushes are perfect for any project, I do acrylic art, craft. The set is long lasting and even suitable for decoupage (waterbased paint, glue, varnish). Highly recomend

John Penfold

Great Brushes and bullet proof

Don't let the low price put you off, you do get three really good brushes for a give-away price.

The bristles have a great springy feel that I love with acrylics and oils.

The working tip stays nice and sharply defined and they do not shed hairs.

They are bullet-proof and withstand shamefull abuse, like being left bristle-down in water for weeks without ruining the tip.

The only damage I ever did to them was to remove the gold-coloured plating from the ferrule with aggresive chemicals when I removed dried acrylic from the bristles. The brush was still 100 percent good to use even after that.

The handles are plastic and you can remove most dried-on paints from them easily. The handle never warps even when the whole brush is left soaking for days.

This is a personal preference - the handles are circular in section, and I prefer a flatter section, to align the brush by feel rather than by sight.

The bristles are quite tightly packed and don't hold as much paint as you might think.

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