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Stearin is essential in candle making. Otherwise known as stearic acid, was first discovered in the early 1800's. It is derived usually from tallow (animal fat) but in some cases from vegetable fats. It is used in many common products such as soaps, adhesives and in this case, candles.

Stearin is a white crystalline substance that is both a grainy and hard wax. It helps the wax to harden and it also makes the wax more opaque. It also helps candles burn slower and it helps the candle be shinier or more glossy.

Stearin is additionally used because it helps the paraffin wax shrink. When making candles, shrinkage is beneficial because it aids mould release.

It increases the melting point temperature of wax. This in turn is the reason why stearin helps candles burn slower.

It is also used as a solvent for dyes and thus when you add stearin to paraffin wax, you enhance and brighten the color of the candle. People should also be aware that many candle dyes are blocks of coloured stearin and thus if adding colour to your candle you may need to reduce the amount of stearin you add accordingly.

It should not be used in rubber moulds as the stearin will rot the mould.

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