Sakura Quickie Glue Roller Pen

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Sakura Quickie Glue gives you the writing ease of a pen with glue in a ballpoint barrel. Put glue on paper as easily as signing your name. A permanent or temporary bond is possible in a generous 0.6mm line. Shake-free and squeezefree, Quickie Glue lays down a smooth line without uncontrolled spreading or globbing. Create a lot or a little sparkle by making a straight, curvy or dotted line with Quickie Glue and sprinkle with glitter. Quickie Glue’s controlled flow is excellent for Do-It-Yourself foiling techniques.

* 0.6 mm line width
* Consistent, controlled glue flow with no mess
* Spring activated nib allows longer cap-off time
* Odor-free
* Not necessary to shake or squeeze
* Slim barrel makes for easy application
* Easily distinguishable cap from writing pens
* Creates permanent or temporary bond (when glue is blue color, the bond is permenent. When glue is clear, the bond is removable)

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