Sennelier Oil Stick 38ml S1 Primary Red

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Sennelier Stick 38ml, Diameter 20mm and length 130mm.

The Sennelier oil sticks are solid oils colours, compatible with conventional oil tube paints and designed for direct application on all traditional surfaces. If thinning is desired, turpentine or mineral spirits is recommended. Drying time of the painting will vary with the thickness of application from 2 to 6 days.

The Sennelier oil stick colour range comprises 55 very bright shades. Oil sticks offer the same advantages as oil paint. The suppleness of use enables you to experiment with a variety of techniques. It may be handled like a pen. Contrary to oil paint, the drying process for the surface colour film is rather quick : usually it takes a day. You may overlap oil sticks on other lean paints. For instance, you may paint a backdrop with gouache and apply oil stick on it. Before using an oil stick for the very first time, peel off the thin dry skin in order to release the paint. This thin layer will form again after you have used it. Oil sticks' colours are miscible when using a thinner; in addition, they are quite viscous and offer unusual results. If you wish to diminish the intensity of a shade, use white. In addition, a white layout on the entire surface enables to maintain the texture and is useful for mixes.

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