Sennelier Artists' Quality Medium Oil Sticks 38ml Set of 6, Fluorescents & Metallics

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Sennelier Stick 38ml, Diameter 20mm and length 130mm.

Sennelier extra fine oil sticks are made from pure, concentrated pigments, the finest safflower oil and high quality mineral wax. Oil Sticks can be used alone or in combination with tube oil paints. Like regular oils, they can be diluted with turpentine and dry to a hard film. These creamy, lightfast sticks may be used for sketching or for producing complete works of art on any traditional oil paint surface.
Made from pure pigment, safflower oil, and high-quality mineral wax.
Use for quick sketching or complete works of art Complements traditional and contemporary techniques.
Can be diluted with turpentine.
Colours included: 502 Fluorescent Yellow, 648 Fluorescent Orange, 654 Fluorescent Pink, 029 Silver, 028 Gold and 036 Copper
Made in France

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