Montana Spray Effect Night Glow 400ml

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Montana NIGHTGLOW is a high-grade acrylic quality which contains luminescence-pigments, that store light (absorbed energy) and emit the light in darkness. This luminiscence-effect is only visible at total darkness. The period is depending on intensity or irradation and thickness of paint layer (it is recommended to apply multiple layers of NIGHTGLOW paint lacquer on the primed surface). The highest possible degree of shining is immediately after loading the painted object then it fades away. For indoors and outdoors applications. For best glow effects use in a completely dark environment without any light sources. Use a strong source of light to load the effect paint temporarily. The effect spray is suitable for all smooth, rough or light responding primed surfaces. e. g. metal, wood, hard plastics, primed carton, walls etc. We recommend to prime the ground with Montana GOLD Shock WHITE 9100 to achieve best glow effects. Consider longer drying time depending on substrate. Limited resistance to weathering, light and UV-influences. To improve resistance, we recommend to varnish with Montana VARNISH Gloss 400ml. Recommended to use with Montana Fatcaps (e.g. black / orange).

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Patricia Cooney

Well it works

Unfortunately I did not think the lumiescence would make the item look greenish and that is unfortunate, Should have rang the store to check on this.

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