Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel Med 237ml

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Liquitex - Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium 237ml

Extremely Thick Acrylic Gel Painting Medium

Texture: Thick
Sheen: Gloss:
Relative Opacity: Translucent

Extremely thick, extra heavy body, very dense, with high surface drag for a stiff "oil-like" feel.
Dries to a translucent matte finish depending on thickness of the application.
Very little shrinkage during drying time.
Excellent adhesion for collage and mixed media.
Extends paint
Keeps paint working longer than other gel mediums.
Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry.

Application as a Ground:
When creating a sculptural ground, be sure to use adequate pressure to force the gel into the raw canvas to ensure proper bonding. Apply paint over the gel after the gel is dry.

Application as a Collage:
Excellent adhesion for collage and decoupage.

Applications with Aggregates:
Be careful not to include too many foreign materials as to jeopardize the strength of the acrylic paint film. Be sure they are compatible with acrylic emulsion.

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