L&B Gesso Primer 500ml

L&B Gesso Primer 500ml

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Brand: Le Franc & Bourgeois

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Primer for all supports and all techniques (oil, acrylic, etc.). Ready to use. GESSO is a white primer that is applied directly onto non-greasy smooth supports (canvas, paper, stone, wood and plaster, etc.). It is used as an undercoat for all types of painting (oil, acrylic, temperas, etc.). GESSO is an excellent adhesive primer on smooth supports. GESSO dries in 30 minutes. It is perfectly opaque, matt, non-yellowing and has a high covering power. Ready to use product, do not dilute.
DO NOT MIX WITH TURPENTINE OR OIL. Wash the equipment in water immediately after use.

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Mark Cullen

L&B Gesso Primer 500ml

Item arrived on schedule and in proper condition

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