Kuretake ZIG Graphite Colours

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[GANSAI TAMBI GRAPHITE Colors Set] Deep, tranquil Gansai Tambi colors with a matte texture and finish specific to graphite. Polishing the surface of Graphite Gansai (once dry) reveals a metallic luster.
[COLOR] Graphite Colors is a unique, optimal ratio of graphite and color pigments to express exquisite shades that still maintain the luster of graphite.
[VERSATILE] Ideal for calligraphy and brush lettering, illustrations, fine art, and much more. Create unique artwork by adding accents unlike any others.
[Brush Dexterity] Pans are much larger than typical watercolor pans, giving you the ability to use both small or large brushes quite easily.
[MADE IN JAPAN]Quality control to manage richness and subtlety of colors are carefully considered when produced in Japan.

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