Jacquard Spirit Paper 10pk

Jacquard Spirit Paper 10pk

SKU: J00308
Brand: Jacquard Products


Easily Transfer Your Amazing Tattoo Designs Onto Skin With This Body Art Transfer Paper!
Jacquard Spirit Body Art Transfer Paper is a product born of a partnership between Spirit and Jacquard. Great for transposing designs from paper to skin, just draw or trace a design on the top surface of the transfer paper and the pressure of your pencil will create an impact impression on the backside that can be easily transferred to the skin. Once your design is transferred, trace the design with the henna or jagua. Save your design, you can transfer the designs several more times! Great for temporary tattoos or test driving a new design before getting a permanent ink tattoo.

Key Features:
Transpose designs from paper to skin
Works wonderful with henna & jagua tattoos
Same designs are transferable to skin several times
Trusted by professional tattoo artists
Perfect For:
Tattoo artists
Henna & jagua
Temporary tattoo booths
Experimenting with tattoo designs

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