Ink 15ml All Purpose 70 Metallic Gold Vegas

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Tsukineko All-Purpose Ink is a washable, permanent, blendable craft ink which can be painted, airbrushed, stenciled or used as a dye. It is suitable for all porous surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood, Leather and many others.

Made for use with the Tsukineko Fantastix colouring tools. Place the tip of the Fantastix into a bottle. The Fantastix will soak the ink into its barrel, allowing the tool to be used like a pen.

Maintains the softness of fabric and is permanent when heat-set. Heat set on textiles with an iron or hairdryer for about 15 seconds. Always test on a scrap piece of material before using on final project.

15ml bottle.

**The metallic colours as well as the white are opaque. These need to be shaken to mix properly - they have a ball bearing in them to properly mix and combine the colours and pigments. Please note, the white and metallic inks will take longer to dry since they are pigment and not water-based like the other all-purpose inks.

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