Pebeo Gedeo Silicone Moulding Compond

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Add the perfect finish to decorative items with Gedeo Crystal Resin and Hardener!

Create mouldings, inclusions, coatings or laminates on canvas, metal, wood, pictures and postcards with a fantastic resin that's transparent, robust and easy to work. This professional quality crystal resin perfectly imitates glass paste, solidifying into a hard, clear resin that will provide a protective, smooth layer over the top of your works. This pack is ideal for making home decorations such as ornaments, quirky photo frames, decorative crockeries and vases and much more!

As well as using the resin as a transparent cover to other work, you can also combine it with Pebeo paints for a colourful creation that will show off your crafty talents!

This pack includes a resin and a hardener with measuring cups and mixing sticks to prepare the moulding resin.

150 ml
Kit contains: two ready to mix parts (100 ml resin and 50 ml hardener), two measuringcups, two mixing sticks and a pair of protective gloves
Allow 24 hours for the product to set
Can also be used as a varnish
Imitates glass paste for a solid, transparent mould
Must be kept away from children, must use gloves when mixing and only mix small parts at a time
Ideal for home decorations and jewellery pieces!
Gedeo Crystal Resin and Hardener 150 ml

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