Cork Art Supplies Future Orders (or Back to School Orders) make life easier for educators and schools. "Future Orders" is an ordering and payment option that encourages educators to order the supplies in advance for the new school term or before the new course starts. 

Future Orders offer three primary advantages:

  1. Product availability is much better when you order in advance.
  2. Because no payment is due until your order ships, your future payment obligations align with the upcoming school year.
  3. A stress free start to the new term!

How does it work?

  1. Put together your back to school supplies list before the end of the current term.
  2. Place your order online and write in the comments when you wish to receive your order (allow extra time for very large orders).
  3. Cork Art Supplies will pack and hold your order until that date - helping you beat the back to school rush!
  4. You won't receive an invoice until your order ships.