Fuse Beads Caddy Box Set

SKU: F59980


The beads are made of safe and durable plastic. They melt together when heated and are therefore also known as ironing beads. Make key chains, coasters, magnets, Christmas tree decorations, home decor and more! Or, use the ironing beads differently and string them together with a piece of nylon thread to create personalised jewellery like a bead necklace or friendship bracelet.

This complete craft kit contains 10.000 multicoloured beads, 5 clear pegboards, plastic tweezers, 5 spinners or spinning tops, 5 keychains, ironing paper sheets and a handy storage box with adjustable compartments. Also included is a booklet full of inspiring and simple craft ideas, explained step by step in clear pictures. Crafting with fuse beads is a fun activity for children. It enhances their fine motor skills and stimulates their imagination. A great rainy day activity, craft idea for the holidays, children's parties and many other occasions.

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