Finetec Pearlescent Watercolour 12pk F1200 Peacock Sheen

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Finetec colours are ultra fine watercolours with high quality pigments. They can be used with a brush, a dip pen, a glass nib or any other writing and drawing instrument of your choice.

The Finetec colour composition was developed in collaboration with artists and calligraphers; it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin (vegan friendly), any additives or fillers, which guarantees a very high brilliance of the pigments, a high resistance to light as well as an excellent durability.

This metal box is composed of 12 Finetec watercolour pans in pearly and metallic colours. The colours are opaque allowing you to write, paint or calligraph on white and black paper. Real wonders!

Set of 12 colors: Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Green, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Mystic Color, Pearl Silver, Pearl Gold, Crystal Gold, Orange Copper, Red, and Purple.

Made in Germany

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