E 6000 Adhesive Clear 26ml

E 6000 Adhesive Clear 26ml

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Product description
Discover the E6000 Plus adhesive at Vaessen Creative. This versatile glue will take care of almost any job and can be used on virtually every surface. It’s definitely a must-have for your assortment!

European legislation on adhesives was tightened in 2018, and it was then no longer permitted to sell the original E6000 glue in Europe. So as to be able to continue supplying this glue to the European market, the manufacturer created a new and improved formula under the name E6000 Plus.

Order E6000 Plus glue in a 26.6 ml tube. Perfect for small-scale, delicate tasks requiring glue.

Machine washable
Remains flexible
Can be used indoors and out
Suitable for virtually all surfaces and applications

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