Drawing Board A3 Premier

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Faber Castell Drawing Board:
-The parallel ruler can be moved very easily along guide grooves.
-The recessed quick-set paper clamp can be opened and closed easily and will hold several sheets firmly in place.
-The parallel ruler can be operated at every position on the board. Ideal for both left handed and one handed use.
-Parallel ruler with secure double lock system
-Broad paper clamp holds drawing paper firmly in place.
-Scales on board and parallel ruler for easy work. Additional imprint on parallel ruler for parallel movement and 3 dimensional drawing on the paper.
-Special scales with hole for easy compass use.
-Clear and easy "Stop/Go" colour-coded system.
-Parallel ruler can be lifted at both ends with your fingertips only.
-Bosses on both ends of the guide groove as stop sign.
-Made from extremely sturdy and breakage resistant plastic material. Super light and super stable.
-Soft rubber pads on the reverse of the drawing board ensure secure hold on the working surface.

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