Derwent Waterbrush Small

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Brand: Derwent

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Derwent (2300123) handy water holder and brush (equivalent to a brush size number 1 or 2) all in one.
This Water Brush is an artist's dream. The brush houses water in the barrel of the pen which is supplied to the fibre brush via a valve, giving a constant flow of water when the brush meets paper. For wet on wet techniques just add slight pressure to the barrel of the pen, and to clean it simply apply pressure to the barrel and the dirty water will work its way out of the brush.

Flattened barrel keeps brush from rolling off the work surface.

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Customer Reviews

Joan Moriarty

So handy!!

I use the brush to blend watercolour pencils, and to watercolours. It's so handy for travelling and painting outdoors. It's easy to control the water flow, it's super convenient, it's portable, it's just great.

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