Colour Shaper No.2 Tapered

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Colour Shapers (This item is NOT branded with the Colour Shapers brand but behaves the same).

These tools are highly versatile painting tools.They have a silicone tip and allows you to move paint easily, apply pastel, carve images in wet paint, sculpt clay and creatively decorate walls and furniture. the possibilities really are endless. They do not absorb paint like a brush, you can simply wipe them clean.

These tools are a valuable additional resource for anyone who enjoys arts or crafts - they are a perfect complement to your brushes.

- Develop new watercolour techniques and surface effects.

NB Excellent for masking fluid just apply and clean in seconds with a damp cloth - no more ruined brushes!

-Designed as a replacement finger for pastels, you can blend, smudge and define with amazing precision with our soft tipped Colour Shapers.

-When using Oils there's no need for white spirit, as you can clean the silicone tips with water - no more smell!

-When using Acrylics, either wipe the tips clean, or if the paint has dried on, simply peel it off.

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