Charbonnel Gold Size 12Hr 75ml

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The oil based mixture is a special mixture that allows to stick the gold leaf on non-porous surfaces (glass, metal, marble, etc.)
The Lefranc 12 Hour Gilding Mixture is an oil-based fixative designed for gold and metal leaf gilding. Made in France, it is a staple of Master Gilders across the world.

The Lefranc Gilding Mixture is lead free and perfect for fixing gold leaf to non-porous surfaces including glass, metal and marble.

Designed for use on large surfaces, the 12 Hour Gilding Mixture performs best on exteriors in dry climates, subject to limited amounts of dust.

The 12 Hour Gilding Mixture delivers longer-lasting protection, greater brilliance and depth than the 3 Hour Gilding Mixture.

Volume: 75ml
Estimated drying time: 12 hours

When gilding smaller surfaces, or interiors subject to humidity and a high dust rate, we recommend instead using the Lefranc 3 Hour Gilding Mixture.

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