Artists Watercolour 5ml Transparent Gold Deep

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Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour is recognised for using only the purest pigments to ensure quality and permanence. Quinacridone Gold is a dark warm yellow colour which was originally formulated for the car industry. It is a transparent colour and mixes well with other pigments.

Colour Code: 547/Colour Index: PR 179, PV 19, PY 150
Permanence: A/Opacity: Transparent
Please note: due to a pigment (PR206 changed to PR179), the name of this colour has changed from Quinacridone Gold to Transparent Gold Deep. Transparent Gold Deep is an extremely close substitute of Quinacridone Gold.

Artists Water Colours are made from the finest pigments available from the highest concentrations possible, consistent with good handling qualities.
Artists Water Colour is available in two forms, tubes or pans. Generally tube colours are preferred by artists using large quantities of colour, whilst pans find favour with outdoor sketchers and artists using smaller quantities of colour.

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