Zest It Hinging Tape Remover

Zest It Hinging Tape Remover

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Brand: Zest-It


It can prove difficult to remove Hinging, Framers and similar tape from art work without the help of a solvent to soften and dissolve the adhesive. Without solvent help there is a risk of damage to the art work or the mount-board or backing to which it is attached.

Zest-it Hinging Tape Remover has undergone testing by members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and has been used for many years by some Framers and Conservators. The Hinging Tape Remover is non-toxic and non-flammable with a pH of 7-8 making it ideal for this application as it is non-staining and leaves no residue of itself on the art work.
If the tape has caused the paper or surface to degrade then success is limited with any method - Zest-it cannot repair the paper!

To remove Hinging tape or similar -
take a soft long filament brush and use this to apply a small amount of Zest-it Hinging Tape Remover to the edges of the tape, between the edges and the surface to which it is attached.
Leave for about 2 minutes, as the brush is moved it will slide between the tape and the surface as the Zest-it releases the tape adhesive. If the brush does not slide between the two, wait a few more minutes and/or apply more Zest-it.
Apply as necessary until the tape can be fully removed, a pair of tweezers would be useful at this point to hold the tape. Whilst holding the tape away from the surface slide the wet brush between the tape and surface.
Any sticky residue left by the tape can receive another application of Zest-it Hinging Tape Remover and removed with a cotton bud or similar.

Allow the surface to dry completely (24/36 hours) before attaching any new tape to the area.

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