ZIG Clean Color 010 Black

ZIG Clean Color 010 Black

SKU: Z00060
Brand: ZIG


Kuretake Clean color brush pens
Is it a pen or a brush...no it's New from Kuretake. Unlike many 'brush' pens the Clean Color Real Brush has a proper bristle tip and is capable of creating very fine lines. Ideal for design, art, illustration and comic-book drawings.

A must for great for plein air work as well as manga and cartooning!

Water-based dye ink is odourless and xylene-free.

Easily blend colour with water - Zig BrusH2O waterbrush pens are ideal.

Crafters Note - Excellent for painting over pigment ink stamp projects and blends directly on stamps.

Available in 80 colours..hurry start collecting!

**These watercolor brushes are NON-REFILLABLE.**

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Customer Reviews

Adena Momple

Great pen!

The ink flows smoothly and it's very easy to use for brush calligraphy because the brush tip is not too long, I will definitely purchase this again.

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