Wenzhou Paper Roll 30g 97cm x 10 Metres

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Size 97cm x 10 metres
This chinese rice paper is known for it's great strengh and durability. It has a white, soft yet rough surface ideal for woodcut or lino block printing, calligraphy and drawing.

The 30g rice paper is praised as the "king of all papers" and is supposed to last a thousand years. This is because it is white as alabaster, soft yet firm, and resistant to aging and worms. It absorbs but does not spread the ink from the brush. Because of these qualities, the rice paper is not only used for painting and calligraphy, it is increasingly used nowadays for diplomatic notes, important archives and other documents.

The Wenzhou rice paper as presented here has medium absorbancy and is suitable for both calligraphy and painting (freehand style or meticulous style). It conveniently comes in tubes.

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