Viva Pouring 90ml 6pk Rose Dream

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Brand: ViVa Decor


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The Viva Decor Pouring set Rose Dream is a super handy set for different pouring techniques. The optimal mix of pouring medium and paint gives you the most beautiful results. So it is not necessary to mix with a separate pouring medium. The paint in the Viva Decor Puring set Rose Dream is ready to use.

The contents of the bottle of paint of the Viva Decor Rose Dream pouring set contains water-based paint, is already mixed with pouring medium and ready for use.

Contents of the Viva Decor Pouring Set Rose Dream:
2 x Pouring All in One 90ml White
1 x Pouring All in One 90ml Pink
1 x Pouring All in One 90ml Rosé
1 x Pouring All in One 90ml Beige
1 x Pouring All in One 90ml Lilac

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