Viva Decor Kerzen Transfer Wachs / Candle Transfer Wax

SKU: V00554
Brand: ViVa


For transferring laser prints and copies onto candles.

- Wax-based
- Candles you design can be burned down without worry
- A topcoat with additional protective lacquer is required

Handling: Stir well before use!

Using a soft flat brush, apply the wax to the selected candle surface as well as the image side, and place it on top of each other quickly (image side on the candle). Using a squeegee or a similar instrument, pull over the surface from the center to the outside evenly and with gentle pressure. Remove excess wax. Allow to dry 24 hours, then thoroughly moisten the paper layer and carefully rub off the softenend paper fibres. After drying, cover the motif with the wax.

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