Sharpener KUM Long Point

Sharpener KUM Long Point

SKU: S00598


The oh so popular Kum pencil sharpener!

This inspired sharpener provides for 2-part sharpening for pencils;-

No.1 hole produces a very narrow cone without touching the lead
No.2 hole sharpens the lead only without touching the wood. Being able to sharpen the tip alone might be beneficial in class, as it can be done more quickly than launching into a full wood-cutting sharpen. The top opens for disposal of shavings.
Also has two lead pointers for (on the side of the sharpener) white 2mm and red 3.2mm lead holders.

Comes with two plus 2 replacement blades which store inside the sharpener.

KUM carefully mills its metal pencil sharpeners from light magnesium alloy or brass to achieve perfect pencil and blade positioning. The screw-mounted blades are held absolutely immovable, do not loosen, and the pencil does not wobble while turning.

For the serious professional or art student, once you use this sharpener there is no turning back!

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Anne McDermott

Kim long point sharpner

This is the only source of this must have sharpener that so could find in Ireland
Must have item for a serious drawer.

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