Sennelier O/P 36ml 5pk Asst

Sennelier O/P 36ml 5pk Asst

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Sennelier Oil Pastels (Pastels à l'Huile) 5 pack contains 001, 074, 031, 004 and 023.
Manufactured in Paris, are made with carefully selected mineral and organic pigments, mixed with a specially formulated non-drying binder, and combined with the finest quality wax. The exceptionally creamy texture of Sennelier Oil Pastels is achieved through the perfect blending of these three elements.

Sennelier Oil Pastels adhere strictly to standards for acid-free and archival permanence. The binder and mineral wax are both acid-free

The resulting sticks feel like a soft pastel, but look and act like oil paints. Less fragile than traditional pastels, they can be built up to create heavy impasto effects, or combined with oil painting mediums for glazing and wash techniques.

Sennelier Oil Pastels can be combined with other painting mediums to achieve unique effects. The concentration of high-quality pigments used in Sennelier Oil Pastels gives them exceptional covering power, vibrancy, and intensity.

Sennelier Oil Pastels contain no oxidants. This guarantees preservation of the color intensity of the pigments without yellowing or cracking, and it also prevents deterioration of the surface or support. Because they contain no oxidants, oil pastels will never dry out, but the surface can be sealed with a fixative.

Grand pastel sticks are paper wrapped, Each measures 5" L × ¾" D (128 mm × 18 mm).

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