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Beautifully presented travel box set of Sennelier Artists Watercolour tubes with brush. Using techniques perfected over the last 125 years, Sennelier watercolours feature the best pigments, highest quality Gum Arabic and purest honey. The range has long attained rich, luminous, intense colours that remain pure and lightfast. Now with increased honey content to aid preservation and luminosity, the colours are even more brilliant, long-lasting and smooth-flowing.

This set contains a range of 8 Sennelier artists’ watercolour tubes and a no. 3 sable brush. The brush is travel sized and measures approximately 125mm in full length, with the handle measuring 85mm. The colours included in this set are: 578 Sennelier Yellow Light, 636 Sennelier Red, 671 Helios Purple, 326 Phthalo Blue, 899 Forest Green, 805 Phthalo Green Light, 211 Burnt Sienna and 755 Ivory Black.

The box features a lightweight, curved design made of sturdy plastic with a translucent, golden coloured lid and pull-out plastic palette. The palette has 12 small individual wells and storage space for the brush included. It also features a thumb hole in the centre to allow comfortable holding. Approximate dimensions of the box when closed are as follows: 160mm x 90mm x 35mm, approximate depth of the palette is 5mm.

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