Schoellershammer 4G Board 20x28"

Schoellershammer 4G Board 20x28"

SKU: S00021
Brand: Schoellershammer

€12.50 €10.99 €1.51 (12%)

MINIMUM ORDER OF 3 BOARDS. Priced per individual board.

Most sought after Schoellershammer 4G Illustration board, Airbrush Artist's dream board, etc

(1.5mm thick) HP smooth surface (glatt), 51x73cm (20x28.7").

Bright white, smooth surface, stable, lightfast, with archival permanence, highly resistant to the after-effects of erasure, withstands scraping and taping, retains excellent flatness. Bright white working surface, made from cellulose and rag and is bleached chlorine free. Special size, applied both in the pulp and at the surface, ensures excellent correction and re-working performance even after excessive erasure or scraping. Reverse side is grey coated. Tape and transfers are easily applied and removed without trace. Outstanding suitability for ink, pencil, markers, brushwork and airbrush. Proven over years as a top quality product meeting the highest demands.

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