Schmincke Medium W 200ml

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Here’s a very interesting new product imported from Schmincke in Germany. If you prefer working with oil colours but would like to break away from Turpentine and odourless mineral spirits well Schmincke came up with the answer. Medium W can be added to any brand of oil colour to make it a water mixable oil colour. What does that mean? It means that you can thin your oil paints with water, clean up your brushes and tools with water and best of all eliminate solvents from your studio.

Medium for mixing oil colours with water instead of turpentine or turpentine substitute. Increases gloss and transparency; harmonizes drying process; odorless. Mix 2 parts of oil color and 1 part of medium W on a palette, then add water as needed; if necessary add more medium W. Painting tools can be cleaned with water. There is no change of the product quality based on the colour change of the raw material alkyd resin.

• Dosage: 50%
• Thinner: water
• Contains: alkyd resin

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