Pebeo Mixed Media Set 12pk

Pebeo Mixed Media Set 12pk

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Brand: Pebeo

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Designed specifically for mixed media applications, Pebeo Mixed Media Discovery Sets include a variety of popular Fantasy Moon, Fantasy Prisme, and Vitrail colors, as well as Ceramic Enamel lacquer-effect colors.

These specialty paints can all be intermixed to create astonishing effects of texture and color. Apply them in thick or thin coats on almost any flat, horizontal surface, including over dry layers of Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylic.

Mixed Media Set of 12 — This set includes 20ml (0.7 oz) bottles of Fantasy Moon Turquoise, Fantasy Moon Silver, Fantasy Moon Pearl, Fantasy Prism Buttercup, Fantasy Prisme Caribbean Blue, Fantasy Prisme Onyx, Vitrail Lemon, Vitrail Crimson, Vitrail Apple Green, Vitrail Lightening Medium, and Ceramic Enamel White, and Ceramic Enamel Cherry Red.

All colours are mixable and can be applied to a large variety of surfaces, from canvas to paper, metal, glass or wood.

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