Pebeo Drawing Gum Pen 0.7

Pebeo Drawing Gum Pen 0.7

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Brand: Pebeo

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Pebeo Drawing Gum is a peelable natural latex solution which is used to keep areas of artwork free from paint. The Drawing Gum Pen performs in the same way as drawing gum in bottles, but as a practical tool that can be applied accurately and quickly. It is a high precision marker to use on watercolour, ink and diluted gouache works. Simply apply the pen to areas or lines that you want to be masked and once dry, colour can then be applied. Once the colours are completely dry, simply rub the gum with either your finger or an eraser to reveal the masked parts.

The marker has a sturdy, plastic 0.7mm tip, allowing for continuous applications with a fine stroke. A spare tip is also included with the pen. The formula is made with natural latex and you will get around 405 meters worth of line from the pen.

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