Montana Glitter Hologram

Montana Glitter Hologram

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The new 400ml Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER Effect!
Turn up the intensity and appearance of depth to any artwork or object by applying Holographic Glitter Effect. The translucent semi gloss, nitro-combi base is the vehicle carrying the high quality fine holographic glitter particles for a sensational metallic effect that can add a totally new dimension to all kinds of surfaces. From paper to cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and just about any other paintable surface. Once applied, the semi gloss lacquer layer will have embed a fine distribution of fine holographic particles over the substrate. Depending on which angle you look at it from, light reflects in various colors and saturation to give an impression of 3 dimensionality. The more coats applied, the greater the saturation of the holographic particles and thus increasing the intensity of the effect. Applying a layer or more of Montana Gloss Varnish will not only protect the surface of your work, it will also allow more light to reflect on the holographic particles and enhance the effect further. The final result will significantly be influenced by the color and gloss level of the undercoat.

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