Lino Block 06x08" Soft Blue

Lino Block 06x08" Soft Blue

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Please note, this lino is perfect for hand pulled prints, but is not suitable for use with a press due to the softness of the material.

Softcut, the latest innovation in block cutting and printing!
The super-smooth surface makes cutting so easy, the cutter just glides through with minimum effort.
Lead free (conforms to EN71 and meets 2005/84/EC directives on phthalates in childcare), 3.2mm in thickness, crisp, sharp lines, long life, flexible, double sided with smooth shiny side and on the reverse is matt textured. Suitable for younger user.

The technique for cutting is very simple. Briefly the method used is as follows:
The picture or design is first transferred or drawn in to the lino.
Then the unwanted portions of the lino are gouged or cut away by a
U or V shaped tools until only those parts of the picture that are required
to print are left standing up in relief. This surface is kinked by the use of
a roller and then a piece of paper is pressed on to the inked surface and
rubbed briskly with a barren or burnisher. When it is considered that
sufficient ink has been transferred from the lino, the paper is peeled
off and a sharp, clean print should be the result. This print will show
the design in reverse.
Linocut may be printed in black or any other colour.

When more than one colour is required a separate block
must be cut for each colour.

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