Graph'it Brush Marker 24pk

SKU: G55885
Brand: Graph'it

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A new generation of alcohol markers.

An original duo of tips: an extra-fine 0.5 mm metal ring and a long and lively brush tip.
Japanese tips with generous synthetic fibers inking.
An unprecedented result adapted to multiple pictorial techniques: from comics to architecture, design, landscaping but also traditional illustration.
The same quality ink as the original GRAPHIT marker, also with unique shades.
A new vision of the color chart with earth tones treated in a homogeneous gradient like the gray scales: from Brown 1 to brown 5 in regular saturation intervals.
The return of the extra-fine point, much appreciated by illustrators.
A balanced color chart of 96 colors.

Set of 24 Essentials includes Sun, Honey, Melon, Brown 1, Brown 5, Cacao, Nude, Satin, Margaux, Ruby, Burgundy, Antik Violet, Sky, Atoll, Cyan, Cobalt, Forest, Anise, Tuscany, Cool Grey 1, Neutral Greys 3,5, Black

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