Glue Gun Cool Melt + 2 Free Sticks

Glue Gun Cool Melt + 2 Free Sticks

SKU: G00405
Brand: Stick It!


The easy trigger action ensures a quick clean adhesives application. Heats up in just three to five minutes and guarantees a good flow and melting performance. Retractable stand and heat insulated nozzle. When used with stick it! Cool melt glue sticks, the adhesive will bond in seconds. Can be painted when dry. Comes fitted with plug.

"Easy to use! Simply load the glue gun with a glue stick then prop it up on the retractable stand. Plug in the gun and allow to warm for 3-5 minutes. Press the trigger carefully until the adhesive flows from the nozzle and apply in beads or lines to your surface. Quickly position the surfaces together and press them together firmly. After use, unplug the glue gun and leave it on the stand until cool."

Replacement Sticks;-
G01865 Glue Gun Stix 7mm 12pk
G01871 Glue Gun Stix Bulk 7mm 100pk
H00965 Glue Gun Stix Bulk 7mm 300pk

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