Glue Collall Varnish 1 Litre

Glue Collall Varnish 1 Litre

SKU: G58807


Thin, white, transparent-drying, water-based varnish glue
Duo Characteristics: Glue and varnish in one, which is completely transparent when dry
Chemical properties:
Polyvinyl acetate dispersion dissolved in water (water-resistant; not waterproof)
Thin, white, fluid varnish glue, scant and pleasant smell

1) For protecting and lacquering drawings and paintings that are made with poster paint, lithographic pencil, charcoal, etc. It creates a transparent, glossy and protective layer on the artwork.
2) Decoupage methods: Applying images and decorations (paper napkins, silk paper, printed images) on various backgrounds (paper, carton, wood, textile, stone)
3) Puzzle glue: Use as a fixer on a finished jigsaw puzzle so that it can hang as a picture.
Suitable for:
Children above the age of 6
Stains: Immediately soak with water.
Only wet stains can be washed out.

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