Gilding Wax 20ml Rose Quartz*

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*Discontinued 24/02/23

Gilding wax gives a metallic accent to cards or turns (black) paper into a 'metal plate'! For real!

Gilding wax is (relatively) new in the world of card making. This special wax gives special accents to cards or scrap work, the wax holds on every surface and the possibilities are endless, due to the paper used and combinations of colors. With gilding wax you can make much more than cards, it is also very suitable for mixed media, for editing lists, actually for everything.

Look under inspiration what is possible with this beautiful wax!

Working with gilding wax is not difficult at all, but it is something you have to get in your fingers. Practice makes perfect. With your order we will send a brief instruction.

Our own gilding wax has a pleasant smell and does not dry out. The gilding wax adheres to any surface, relief gives the best result.

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