Gesso White Talens 1 Litre

Gesso White Talens 1 Litre

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For priming artists' canvas (linen and cotton), wood, plywood, hardboard, cardboard. Also alkaline surfaces (new walls and concrete). Stir well. Apply at a temperature above 10°C. Greasy surfaces should first be sanded and cleaned (wash with ammonia). Apply with a flat brush or roller. A smooth surface can be obtained by applying 2 or 3 coats of Gesso thinned with approx. 20% water (sand with fine sand-paper after each layer). A more or less structured surface can be made by applying Gesso undiluted. Mix Gesso with acrylic colour when coloured surfaces are desired. Dries quickly and does not yellow. Is water-resistant and elastic when dry. Clean material immediately after use with soap and water and rinse well in clean water.
Store in a frost-free place.
Base: pigmented acrylic resin dispersion.

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