Gel Pen 30pk Asst

Gel Pen 30pk Asst

SKU: G00708

€15.20 €9.99 €5.21 (34%)

Huge selection of pastel, glitter and metallic pens in one wallet.

-Great for writing, drawing & colouring.

-Try these pens on black paper for a great effect.

-Replace cap immediately after use to prevent pens drying out.

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Customer Reviews

Maureen Purcell

Gel Pen Pack

Fast delivery . Bne of the pens was dry as top was off & it was the one I needed most but rang the company & sent a photo of same & they said they'd contact the manufacturers immediately. No news back ye.

Laura Hughes

super fast delivery

very good gel pens considering the price and really fast delivery

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Sylwia Keller


Great selection of gel pens. Couldn't complain about the price. The colours show up even on dark surface, great for scrapbooking or card making.

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